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Hi Guys,

I have been a busy boy and produced a new site covering stalking stuff. If you have any reviews or particular articles you would like posting please email me and i will put them up.

if you want a site doing also give me a shout. This site was sponsorred as i am sure you will soon see.


paul k

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Not bad Swampy - new good quality deer stalking sites are always welcome.

Being picky I would however query a couple of facts in your section on deer species.


In South West England stags can make 230kg in weight and this might be true of stags in other English populations.

I'm pretty sure that all East Anglian red deer are from feral stock, the Thetford population originated from deer left out by the Norwich Staghounds in the early 1950s and these were from park stock, including Woburn and Warnham, hence the large antlers.

There is a substantial population of reds from escaped farm stock in South Wales, possibly numbering up to 200 animals. A silver medal was shot in 2003.


There may be sika in Wales, there was a silver medal sika stag shot in Wales last year although no-one really knows where it came from and there are a few on the Teifi estuary which are either sika or sika x red crosses.


Roe are indeed invading Wales from England and have reached the far corners of the country but are thin on the ground pretty much everywhere.


There are fair numbers of CWD in Buckinghamshire as well between Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard.


paul k said:

There are fair numbers of CWD in Buckinghamshire as well between Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard.

There are CWD all the way up to Newport Pagnell , Milton Keynes and across to Amptill.

All emanating from Woburn Park. and the Woburn Estate itself.


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deer spreading

the rate of recruitment for CWD seems to be gaining a bit a momentum, I would like to see them up here on the humber area we have lots of drains and read beds.

Web site

Great informative web site, especially for beginners - I liked the piccies too. Can you do a link to my site for the stalking :confused:

Hi again, just a note, if you don't mind, your site could do with a 'contact us' page so that people can email you. Perhaps you don't want them to :eek:
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