new yin!

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Rick here from the Scottish Borders.
Keen to get back into "real" shooting after spending to much time in the desert.
Started out taking familys whippets for"walks" coming back with 1,2,3......4 rabbits, that was it!! country life for me.
Finally got a airrifle for christmas one year and have never looked back,
progressing up to my small armoury that l have now.
Joined the forces but realised that lamping the local desert foxes may give my position away and that l cant play at jerrys and british for ever l will be leaving soon.
So Keen to get back into the outdoor life.
There was none of this internet tomfoolery last time i was big into shooting, its great how you can all share experiences and ideas so easily, anyway great site, keep up the good work, happy hunting.
Nice to meet you all. :D
p.s. l was getting desperate for a login name as none of my first choices would work, so l appologise if its a little "gunho!"


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new yin

Welcome 1shot1,
When I saw your login name,I thought 'this lad exhudes confidence'. Anyway enjoy the site and welcome once again.


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Welcome to the site, a good friendly bunch who will help all they can.

I predict that you will pretty soon get shortened to 1shot, there I have done it already :eek:



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Welcome to the site 1shot1kill ;)

Hey, where abouts in the borders are you from, i know a few places around there and do a bit of stalking there too.




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Hi Rick,
Welcome to the site and I hope you find it as useful as I do,
There are some great members with loads of knowledge and not freighted to share it to.
I hope you find the outdoor work you want keep us posted.
Like Wadas know some of the borders a little.
1shot1kill, well you know where that’s going to get you!! Like it.



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Hi Rick,

Galashiels eh, i have spent a bit of time around that place. I stopped at a b+b on Melrose road for a year every weekend whilst doing my Gamekeeping college course at Borders college in Newtown St Boswells.

I do some stalking just outside Hawick, lovely part of the world it is. ;)

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