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eric parker

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Hi guys, I'm heading out to NZ next week for 3 1/2 months just to do some travelling and work. I just thought I'd fish for any advice on where to go, what to see, where to stay etc. from anyone who's been there/are there. I'm guessing that you guys might have similar interests to mine!
I will buy a camper van out there, and work my way around the place, on very little money! I have already organised to see and hopefully work a little on a big deer stud farm near canterbury, and i'm interested in deer farming. I have experience in farming (chickens, deer, beef) and am currently an agricultural fencing contractor. I also have a marine biology degree. So if you know of any work, places of interest etc. please let me know!

Thanks a lot for your help!


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hi eric are you taking your rifles at all cant help on the work front this is a good site ask a few questions on here all doc land is free hunting just get a permit sorted out and off you go ,atb wayne


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When me and the missus toured round the south island. There were loads of deer farms in the south west area might be worth a look. The nicest places we found were the Caitlines in the far south, Te anau was really nice to am defiantly going back there to do some treks and stalking if poss through Fiordland. From Wanaka up to Greymouth was one of my favorite places, feels like driving through jurassic park with all the tree ferns and bush. Really quiet roads and camp-sites. Queenstown is good, loads of different ways of blowing big money, bit touristy but you'll have a top time there. If you decide to park up in the bush rather than a camp site beware the sand flies little sods bite like hell, and watch out for the Kea parrots ripping any rubber bits off the van! Is it just the \south island you're going to tour or both? We're going back again in a couple of weeks but will be in the north island this time. I love the country and would move there like a shot given the chance.


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Hi Eric
You will have great time in NZ. I am out here at the moment staying with my wife parents and shearing sheep for a job.
There is pleanty to do and see . Do you do any fishing ? if so there is public access on all the river banks in NZ you just need to get a licence and away you go.As mereside said most of the hunting is free but best to have a bit of local knowlage of where to go just incase you get lost! If you get talkng to the locals you will normally find some one that is keen to take you out.
Before youleave home make sure any boots or work clothing you have is really clean before trying to get into NZ they are really strict about it and quite rightly so !
Any way have a great time all the best from Ian.


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I lived there for a year back in the late nineties.
There isn’t much I didn’t see and it was all worth looking at.

I was in Whakatane for a lot of it, but I spent a few months and a lot of long weekends driving or flying everywhere.

On the shooting front my boss had his own deer farm and he used to take me out shooting goats and deer from a heli or just sniping possum in the woods.

I went hunting pigs with the local police, using only knives and dogs. Had a great time sleeping rough in the woods.

I went out on the bunnies with the local police down in Alexandria along the top of the dam.

If you’re going for the bungee, try and do the pipeline, the drive out there was exciting enough, but the jump was excellent.

Be careful of the Spates, it takes your head off. I couldn’t see for twenty four hours, never mind drive, after a night out in Nelson.

Auckland isn’t up to much, but see if the “Dogs Bollix” Irish bar is still along the K road.
I spent many Sundays in there and only remember a few but the lads who owned it had a band and they were brilliant.

I didn’t think much of Christchurch either, but I guess it’s just a large city thing really, although the church was fantastic (before the earth quake that is).

If you drive along the desert road the scenery is something else, and the sea along the west coast of the south island was always captivating.
I parked up on a beach along there and just chilled out for a few weeks.

If you get near Dunedin go and walk along the quay side. It used to be the gold mining export place, and even the lamp standards where something to stare at.

In all honesty you can’t go wrong where ever you go just keep your eyes open and take your time.


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If your coming out here, there is so much to see and do, and so many places to hunt/fish and it is FREE, just get a permit from local Dept of Conservation office and get and do it.
Be warned though, the hunting in the bush is hard, very hard going.
There are huts you can use in the bush, but don`t use the ones you can drive to, as they will be abused.
One thing about here is, wherever you are the scenery is stunning.
The Dessert Road, has stunning scenery too, but be aware it`s hard driving and State Highway 1,but not what your used to, it`s windy,up and down more like a B road in the U.K but everyone,even trucks use it at 100kph (at least).
It`s been wet, cool spring here (in this area) and the deer are slowly coming out into the sunnier area (tops of the ranges etc) I shot a nice young Fallow on Saturday the English way, sat waiting/watching for them to come out of the bush onto the grass.
Any more help you want pm me.


eric parker

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Great response! great advice, cheers guys. Looks as though i'm going to spend more time on the south Island then! Thanks for advice to wash clothes, boots etc! i'll do that asap. I didnt realise hunting was free! i'll have to look some up! And yeah I'm a very keen fisherman, i'll look that up too! (exciting!).
I'm sure finding work will be easier when i'm out there.
Whats the spate? a drink?!
I'll look at that website link, thanks for that too. It sounds like I'll love it.
Thanks again guys.

eric parker

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wow mereside, that is unreal! unbelievable! a good time had it looks like? I wont be taking my rifle, but i will have to look up some sort of guided shooting or something, cant really pass that up!
Looks like some challenging terrain! cant wait. Should rival scottish grouse beating!
Cheers for that mate! I need to get a camera! Any advice? i.e would i get by without an slr?


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yes mate all those i took with a nikon coolpix really wished i had taken my dslr though we climbed 3500 metres i really did want to die at one bit i got nearly to the top only to find i had come to an overhang on the side of a blough and had to climb down all with pack and rifle ,heres a few more for you,atb wayne ps the last pic above i managed to walk all the way along the top i have some footage from the guys back at camp.

the climb out was around 4-500 metres every morning for the first few days just to break us in


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hi cooter we went NZ in 2007 and went to see al who play the ukerlaley and one of the owners and yes would you know it they sold it ,but brill place.


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Whats the spate? a drink?!
Spates Gold is beer with no chemicals in it which, IIRC, is how most beers are produced in NZ.
Very easy to drink, but someone comes along and steals your legs (and your ability to see) while your drinking it.

If you go North to South take the ferry.

If you get down as far as Gore, take the dirt road (slowly and carefully) to Balclutha. you go through a Kiwi reserve where you can take a walk and see some of the oldest Kauri (trees) around. The wood is like somewhere that Jurassic park was filmed.

Try and do some white water rafting.


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Guided hunting can be expensive as they cater for rich Americans! Take the rifle, you should manage to take in the start of the roar depending where you are. Check with the airline first then phone up the Police department in the City you will land in( use Telestunt connection number to get a cheap rate 1 or 2p per minute.) You don't really need to do this but it should put your mind at rest, they are generally happy to have people come to shoot their vermin species -deer, chamois, thar, pigs, goats, wallabies, rabbits, hares, geese etc(they don't have foxes though). I just go to NZ. In All the international airports there is a police station, knock on the door and tell them you want a visitors firearm certificate. Very simple compared to UK and should take about 20 -30 minutes. It costs $25 or so and you will need it to get unto DOC land. They will want to see your UK firearm certificate, know where you will be staying and storing you weapon. As far as I know travelling around is OK but it helps if you know someone there or will be using a hotel as a first base then travelling. Tell them you will be shooting on DOC land (Dept of Conservation). This is free and all you need to do is go to their local office and ask for a permit for a particular area. You can get books in NZ called 'X marks the spot' or similar. Details hundreds of free shooting areas with maps and notes of what is available to shoot. Similar books available for fresh and salt water fishing. Ask before going on private land as it in a poaching offence to be on private land with a knife or gun without permission. If taking fishing tackle that has been used in fresh water then sterelise it as for Didymo in NZ waters - look on awesome fishing and hunting site or on NZ dept of Fish and Game sites.

Enjoy your trip