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I am off to England and Europe next August for a couple of months to predominately hunt Roe. Two animals I would dearly like to hunt are Mouflon and Chamois. I have cut my teeth on Chamois and Tahr in New Zealand, and spend as much time as I can in the mountains here. I am very keen to do a swap hunt for these animals as I have had a fantastic time swap hunting my way around the world so far with some very good people. I have plenty of photos and videos I can share (many have been posted here) if anyone is interested especially if they are keen to arrange something.

Thank you,

​James Morris


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Hi Buckaroo,
I have a few contacts already to hunt Roe, but they are by far my favorite animal to hunt in your part of the world so I would be interested in talking with you some more about what you would like to swap. Please send me a PM.

I have a couple of PM's to reply to, thank you for them, I will get back to you this evening.


James Morris


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Thank you all for the personal messages. I am really looking forward to heading over next year and meeting a few of you! Sorry I have been so slack at replies lately, I have found it hard to get online whilst the silly spring season takes off on the farm! I will be in touch this evening. Thanks.

This is a wee video I put together of a few favorite snippets from 2013.