Available: New Zealand Thar Cull

Fallow Buck

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Hi all

it looks like we will have a two week trip heading out to new zealand for 10-12 days of hunting in October/November.

We we will be culling female thar and some goats. We can accommodate 4 guys for each trip and we will be doing two groups.

If you are interested in joining us drop me an email to kiri@athinaspoting.com

There are no trophy fees on anything shot and we are looking to shoot a good number of animals. Exact numbers will depend on fitness and shooting ability.

I am am pricing it as we speak so will email those interested parties once the package is finalised.


Fallow Buck

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Hi guys,

I should add that we are looking at both 1x1 options and 2x1 options. If you have a preference for one or the other then let me know.