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Hello all, my names Dave been clay shooting and game shooting for around 18 months now and looking to get into stalking. Always been into shooting since I was a kid air rifles and .22lr when I was in the scouts.

Looking to get my FAC and as I have no land to stalk over this will be on the basis of paid stalks. I'm going to book my DSC1 soon as possible as well. It would be good to get advice and possibly a bit of mentoring from you guys as this seems a great place for it everyone seems friendly!

all the best



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Hello mate...
my advice is join a club, get an FAC , start there then add your stalks to it
there are some good local clubs to you, and if you don't mind travelling there are some great full bore clubs further out, with ranges like Colchester , Barton rd, Thetford , ect

alberta boy

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Welcome to SD . I'm originally from Enfield Lock , not quite the East End , but I did get in a few fights in Mile End lol . There's a lot of good advise and people here , I'm sure you'll make some good contacts .



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Cheers guys....treetop are you able to use the bigger cals at those clubs? I have been looking but all the ones closish to me maximum cal is .22 not much good for deer!

i do want to join a club and don't mind travelling a bit as it's not much good having a .270 or .308 and nowhere to test or zero it

AB originally I'm from Mile End then moved further out and pretty soon hoping to move even further haha

Pine Marten

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Welcome David!

I'm also based in London, albeit out West, and have had an FAC for about 2.5 years.

My advice would be to put together your case to apply for everything you want on your FAC, don't muck around with applying for target and then upgrading and so on. I've found the Met perfectly reasonable to deal with if you're straightforward and transparent with them. I've always provided them with all the evidence they need to set their minds a rest, and in exchange they've always granted me everything I asked for. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss further.