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Hi Everyone,

I'm Ian from Cheshire. Totally new to deer stalking, and this site. I have my DSC 1 booked for April, so would be grateful for any advice you guys can offer for that course. Also happy to hear any opinions about first deer hunting rifles etc and also cam gear to go for etc? I have been shooting as a soldier since 1997 (now ex), and as a civvy since. I have my FAC & SGC, and a number of guns etc that i use for target shooting.

Look forward to being a part of this.




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Hi and welcome, as someone who has recently done their DSC1, the best advice I could give would be to study hard before hand, and the course will be easy. Also enjoy it, it helps you learn more :D


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Welcome to the site. Used to live in Helsby just up the road.
Another Cheshire welcome


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Welcome. As someone who struggled with Level 1 as an absolute beginner my advice is like others to study really hard beforehand and get a copy of the answers to the big multi-choice paper in advance as it'll really help to raise your marks. Jelen used to do it on a CD. Oh and be very prepared for that shooting test! Cheers, K
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