Newbie from Moray

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Hello All

I am a recreational stalker. I stalk Roe here in Moray and would like to do some hill stalking before too long. I am also in a rough shoot syndicate but my main interest is in target shooting, principally FTR.

Other interests are sailing, photography and videography (mostly of shooting). Looking forward to taking part in the forum.



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Forgot to mention my stalking rifles. My main rifle is a Model 70 Winchester in 308W, in a Boyd's Gunstocks left handed thumbhole stock and using a 2-8x42 Zeiss Duralyt scope.

My backup is a Midland Gun Company rifle in 243W and another Boyd's stock with a Weaver 6W scope.


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Welcome David. Only been here 3 months so far and I have nothing but good things to say about this place. Loads of information and plenty of stories to read when you can't get out yourself.

All the best,



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Welcome from another leftie. I'm not that far from you - I shoot clays at Cawdor from time to time.
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