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Hi to all members.

As the name suggests I Live in Suffolk, and was introduced to this forum by Monkey Spanker. I'm 34 years old, married, two kids and have been shooting for the last 20+ years initially with Air-rifles and then progressing to Shotguns.

I am in the process of applying for FAC although I have shot many farming friends .22LR, .17HMR and even .243. When I worked in Essex, I did join a .22 indoor Target shooting club and was a probationary member, but due to a change in jobs this became unviable, plus plinking at Paper (unless for zeroing) isn't really for me.

I shoot all year round mainly pigeon, have run pheasant syndicates, and belong to a couple of Wildfowling clubs.

I live by the motto of "If I'm prepared to shoot it then I'm prepared to eat it". To me being out in the countryside is what it is all about not just the fact that I can be sat, stalking, laid down with a gun in my hand. My freezer is never empty of wild game that either I have shot or if Venison that MS has shot.

Both my girls know exactly where their food comes from and the oldest knows the seasons of all game/wildfowl birds, and accompanies me on wildfowling and pigeon shooting days. (Better than any dog at retrieving :lol: )

As said earlier I am applying for my FAC as my SGC is up for renewal shortly and I wish to get a co-terminus licence. I'm thinking of going for both .22LR something like a (CZ452) and (after a conversation today) a .243.

The .22 will be for Rooks and Rabbits, (I don't like the .17HMR due to the noise even when suppressed) and the .243 will be predominatly for Fox, whilst the landowner has also requested I cull some of the muntjac population. MS has kindly offered to act as my mentor and if I became half as good as he is with a Rifle then I'll have venison galore in the freezer :)

Whilst I do reload non-toxic 3.5" SG cartridges for wildfowling, I'm not looking (at the moment) to get into reloading ammuntion.

Anyway, looking forward to reading the forum and picking people's brains.



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Hi Suffolk Shooter

Welcome to the site, sounds like you have a similar philosophy to me - kill it, cook it and eat it. You can't beat making a great dish from something you caught yourself.

I respect your views on how children should know where their food comes from, my girlfriends kids help me with the plucking etc - we did think they might be a bit squeamish at first but from the very first birds and rabbits they were quite in to it, in fact they wanted a full disection to see all the gory bits - I drew the line at taking out the brains!

Kids 1, me 0




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hi Suffolk Shooter

Welcome, your in good company here, l live in the next county from you though most of my stalking is in Suffolk its a fine county for deer.

Both my kids have stalked with me and the other half and understand the process from field to table and love to get stuck in when a hand is needed.

Suffolk Shooter

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Actually Duncs, it was more likely to be the other way round with one of them, hence I don't wish to go out with him any more.

One thing I hate above all else is an unsafe gun whose blaise to boot. You just know that one day there will be an "accident", but can guarantee that it won't be that person being the one injured or at worse killed.

Deerman, I assume from your post that you must be local to the county of Suffolk then? :confused:

If so PM me details as I'll happily pick anybodies brains on the subject of shooting, even better to meet guys for the craic. (PS Duncs, don't even think about the innuendos on that paragraph :lol: ).