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When is the best time off the year and best time off the day to see what deer you have on your ground? Also what is the best way to go about it eg sit and wait or walk about?


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March is a good time to do a count, because around April time the yearlings will be kicked out ready for the new arrivals in May/June.

First and last light are normally the best times to see them, but it is not uncommon for deer to become nocturnal especially in areas used by dog walkers etc. A night vision monocular will pay dividends if you're not seeing any during daylight hours.

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1. The hour around sunrise and the hour around sunset.
2. Sitting very quietly downwind from a spot where there are signs of deer movements is always more effective than walking around.

I.R. Trail Cams are indeed a revelation - you will be amazed what you see. Basic models available online from around £80


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If the deer are pressured on your patch and have gone nocturnal there's nothing wrong with having a look with a lamp at night as long as you're not shooting then it's not a bad way of getting an idea of numbers


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I would say late March, lack of vegetation helps and any new growth will be much sought after. If you find a nice sunny day then mid morning/early afternoon is good esp if you check warm sunny shelted spots.

This is based on what I see on my daily train journey I see more roe in this month than any other.

A walk around with a lamp will turn up lots of suprises as will a strageticalyy located trail cam. Regular runs through hedges/banks will be a clue. Am unable to comment on any other deer species.



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First fall of snow can sometimes give an indication of where they are about, but not so good for number counts as two deer can leave a lot of slots.
I find where the most slots are then wait close by.
If possible ask people who work or are in that area as farmers, forestry workers,fencers and shepherds can be a valuable source of information.

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