Newbie to this site

Hi all, a brief intro of myself, I live in Devon near the Somerset border in a very rural area, started Deer Stalking around 10 years ago, Roe Deer, (LOVE IT);) I am also very keen on lamping Foxes and try to get out once a week for the local shoot. I shoot in calibres 22rf. 22/250ack and 6.5x55. Also enjoy long range target shooting, I guess as long as I am shooting I am happy, looking forward to reading some posts.

woodland stalker

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hi charlie, as you only mention roe deer im guessing your in east devon, we could be in the same area im just in somerset, blackdown hills area, anyway wellcome to the sight and good hunting
woodland stalker,,,, well well well, I too reside in the Blackdown Hills, we must know each other then if you live so close to me. Thanks for the welcome.


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Hi Charlie

come on in from the cold mate.

take your boots off pull up a chair and join in with the rest of us shooting people, for waht is one if not the best stalking site in the UK.