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Just a brief intro from a new member, started stalking in 2001, a 40th birthday visit to Tony Halpin in Dumfries. Got hooked and spent some money with Roger Buss ;) before getting my FAC. Been stalking many times to Scotland, mainly on the hinds, and lived for 2 years in Canada, doing a bit of bird and whitetail hunting whilst there. Did my DSC1 in 2004 and just registering for DSC2.
Enjoying reading through the forums!
Obviously into motorcycles too!


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welcome aboard

Hi Hairy,
Welcome to the best stalking site on the planet.
what do you ride? Quite a few two wheelers on the site. I ride daily on an old BMW R100, have a Guzzi 1100 sport for the weekend plus a few old brit irons for the we............ oh s...t my wife was right I'm just addicted to the damned things!


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Hi Buckup, currently a BMW K1200s (my first BMW), had both a Kawasaki ZX12R :evil: and VFR800VTEC before but my wife wasn't happy on the back of the ZX12 :eek: (who can blame her?) and wasn't comfy on the back of the Honda so PXed the both of them for the beemer. Not 100% convinced, but a good compromise bike. Previous bikes have included; Laverda Jota, Laverda Mirage, Hayabusa, XS1100, RD250, CB400Four and Suzuki RE5, plus many others! Not much in the way of Brit iron though, just an old Triton that I owned but never rode legally on the road!


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Hi there Hairy dude 8) as another relatively new member would like to say it's nice to see you on here.. also a fellow lover of bikes but mine always seem to be left in sheds half restored these days :(
funny old thing bikes and guns, I was talking to a dealer I bought an old 1890 Winchester off today, who btw had the best ever collection of old model areo engines, was commenting that over the years most people who are into shooting are petrol total heads there seems be a natural atraction to folk like us to all things that go bang :lol:

pheasant sniper 1

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Hi hairybiker, unfortunatly a ride in the air ambulance was pretty much the end of my biking :( ... previously competed in trackntrail events,motocross, green laning... yzf250f , tm125.. a drag star thumper for sunny days and a yzf600r thundercat for some white knuckle fun... sadly too immature as far as the throttle is concerned and with my fourth just a week old theyre all gone... not sure if i shall ever have another... surely even ex-forces lads mature one day ;)


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Cheers Legaleagle, can see the attraction with model aero engines myself, a mate sent me a video clip of a scale model tomcat c/w working minature gas turbines - awesome!
Pheasant sniper, sorry to hear about the helicopter ride - a friend of mine organised a bit of a ride-out/tuition for inexperienced bikers up Dumfries way and one of them ended up with a similar trip, post lunch lack of concentration unfortunately! At least you and him are still here to tell the tale! Nothing quite like cranking a bike through the twistys though, roll on the start of the Irish Road Racing season!
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