Newby looking to buy meat in Southwest/Bristol/Bath area


just accidentaly found this forum on my search for Game meat.
Just quickly about me, I am a 36 old Bavarian living in Bristol for the last 10 years. My Grandfather, and Uncles are all Gamekeepers/hunters working all their life for the Bavarian Ministry of Forestry . So in my family, we always have been and are used to eating all sorts of Game meat, even though I have not been involved in hunting. Have been looking into buying Game from hunters directly , as i was used to back home, here in the UK but so far am struggling to find something/someone around.
Only source of meat is/was overpriced online shops or the occasional offer in supermarket - but those are very often imported.
Would like to have some contacts(please PM me) or maybe a bit of background knowledge how it works in the UK with meat.

Looking forward hearing from you


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Hi and welcome,

If by any chance you’re on Facebook there is a page called giving up the game. If people have got any surplus then it tends to get snapped up quite quickly, however I’m positive you’ll find someone who has or can get hold of something in your area.


Any venison sold on the site should be from a trained hunter so they should have the necessary competency in handling small game, identifying illness etc and will supply you with their ID number if asked.

Hope you find what you’re looking for.

I did consider it many times, but it most of the times stopped there as I found the rules&regulations pretty off-putting specially in the UK.
Back in Germany i had the option to go with family members but didnt appreciate it and in the UK it takes far too much organising. Maybe im wrong and i will pursue when there is a bit less busy times in life but atm I already would be happy to just buy the meat locally sourced and "Freerange"
Thanks @Farmer_J for the tip .

shakey jake

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partridge and pheasant should be easy to get of any large shoots in your area. you could call in at your local gun shop and ask for your details to be passed on to a local keeper.
i hope you find some from a good sorce


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good evening herman,it would help seller to know if you required oven ready or in fur and feather as it can make a big difference!


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good afternoon,as that is the case you would be better off asking for a haunch or saddle and buy it ready skinned,there are people who butcher and sell carcass/joints but I don't know of any in your area but put up another post asking for exactly what you would like and you may get a response, good luck.