NGO - Clay Shoot

NGO Clay Shoot – Middleton in Teeside

After our excursion to Austria with Swarovski, we decided to invite the York guns sales team to the NGO moorland clay shoot in Teesdale. I (Woody) arranged to meet them at Scotch Corner and I would drive the rest of the way but our guests had other ideas and ended up lost in Darlington so after a bit of a dash around I found them and we were on route to meet Craig at the clay ground. On arriving we registered our team and spent a spot of time meeting and greeting grouse keepers and NGO staff we were already known by, and then it was off to the first stand.

Now I'm not the greatest with a shotgun but we didn't do too bad and held our own with a steady score sheet of 32-43 on most of the stands. The sun was beating down and it was time for refreshments in the means of some great roast pork barms and a well deserved cup of tea.

Then off to complete the final stands with me running out of shells and Mike following shortly behind, and so it was left up to Jane to fly the Hunting Experiences Clay team flag, which I must say she did with gusto!! After saying our farewells to the NGO staff we dropped into Middleton for a couple of well earned beers, the perfect end to a great day.

Many thanks to Mike & Jane from York Guns for joining us and we'll done to Anne and the NGO team for a great day, we look forward to the next one.

Thanks Woody (HE) SAM_0336.jpg SAM_0349.jpg SAM_0372.jpg


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Ha, Darlington...What a sh*thole of a place go through/ live/ to get lost in!! :oops:

Who won mate?