Nice Buck tonight

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Was invited out tonight by the bloke I bought the Reloading gear off. Been out with him a couple of times, mainly rabbit shooting, looking for the fox and deer but not come accross the Foxes.

We went to a field which is in full bloom of Harvist grass/hay, wheetabix seeds whatever you want to call it, we have been there before, about 6 weeks ago walked through it and spotted 2 Bucks, neither of them presented a shot, we also have spotted a Doe there, which I had filmed and put on this site, so the deer are there. We went down there again 4 weeks ago and spotted 2 Does, no sign of the Bucks...Bugger!!

Well tonight we went down again, following the edge of the field in the vehicle tracks, to the end of the first field, it has a thick hedge running the length of it, 800m atleast with another cutting it in 2 but with open access for vehicles. As we were walking down, the wind was on out backs, not good I thought, we would be scenting the whole area, but as were are there, go down anyway. about 200m into the field, in the hedge, bugger me a deer bolted about 1m from us, (I'm getting good at this stalking), **** myself, unfortunatley it bolted onto the otherside of the Hedge, not my mates ground...!! Bugger, barking away, no doubt it's patch alerting anything in site also...Bugger again!!!

We moved down to the opening that splits the field in 2, approaching with extreme caution just incase. I look round, see nothing so I get the Binos out, scanning the distance with them my mate taps me with the sticks, a Buck 25m away walking this direction, couldn't believe it,we drop slowly, the Buck totally unaware we are there, 2ft bipod deployed, sitting in the vehicle tracks. At this point we can't see him, no noise and no sight of him...We both stay motionless hoping that the non favourable wind doesn't scent us, well blow me, it didn't he had moved out slightly and we could only see his head, he still doesn't know we are there, shots on, I follow him through the scope untill he is in the track, he stops dead, looks at us, only 10-15m away, I would normally have neck shot at this range but there was no time, Heart/Lungs in my scope, "Bang", heard the strike, he bolts, F*** comes to mind, long grass, panic on, fortunatley he follows the cut grass path and looks to be heading towards the field splitting hedge, I tell my mate to look down the other side, he doesn't appear. I decide to go down the side to where I last saw him, my mate the other side.

We find him in the hedge, thankfully he is dead.

A big lad, I recon 45lbs Dead weight, nice set of Antlers on him.

As with 99% of my successful stalks, I like to take a pic, sorted, camera in my pocket, take it out, battery FLAT!!!!!! Bugger and F*** this time.

I don't have a Carcass picture but I do have the head, my camera is charging and I will get a pic loaded tomorrow.

A fantastic night. Enjoyed it loads. We will go down again in a couple of weeks and see if another Buck has moved into the patch.


Pictures Added**





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Well done TJ
Nice write up of the stalk mate. Your getting a dab hand at this mate :D
look forward to seeing the pics :D


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Good account of a very enjoyable evening by the sounds of it. Very good use of the queens english ;)
Look forward to seeing the pictures


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Well done TJ, a very nice account and a nice buck by the looks of it.

I shall expect similar tales when you come home, but all filtered through a midgy net :eek:



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wadashot said:
Well done Stu ;)

your a bunch of lucky feckers its 29 of feb when i shot my last few deer ,im not realy into stags in sep but will have to make a change this year


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basil said:
Excellent read TJ. How old do you reckon your buck was?

I think about 6-7, I will get conformation from someone with Whads more experience than me. Will let you know once it's cleaned out.
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