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Generally if find it very frustrating stalking in July and at some points think next year I won’t bother but this week has gone unexpectedly well.
Monday evening I put my dad into a high seat then went to do a bit of work. After an hour or so I decided I would go and sit out of the way and check my trail cams. 50 yards short of my cameras a buck walk out offering a perfect chest shot at about 40 yard. Turned out to be a nice little buck that I’ve been after for 4-5 weeks, a friend missed it and it had disappeared into thin air. My dad had heard the shot and I got him to stalk down to me and we spent the evening watching 2 does and a fawn.
Tuesday evening I was on friend’s permission, my friend wanted to go sit in a high seat so I went for a stalk. I must have walked 100 yards when 2 roe jumped out almost on top of me, slightly up wind around 15 yard away they crossed the track and started feeding, one was a small buck with a poor head. They where sky lined for about 40 yards. I waited for them to slowly drop down the bank. I managed to get onto the buck when his head popped up and just as he was about to run I hit him in the chest. He ran about 20 yard and dropped. The next morning I spent watching a ride hoping to see a buck cross, after about 3 hours of getting eaten by the bugs nothing.
Then we get to this morning, I had been out last night for a friend’s birthday and got home at around 2 am. Well I thought it would be best not to wake my better half and watch some TV and get an early morning stalk. This land I shoot around 2-3 bucks a year, I have 3 does on it and generally shoot any bucks that come to them. This land is about 3 miles from home so I must stalk it once a week because it nice to escape from the bird and good training for the dog. There was a little mist on the fields and cloud cover for the first time in weeks. I checked the wind and made my way over the large hill to glass the fields between the woods. Nothing showed so I made my way to a young plantation at the far end. The grass was about knee high after being cut around 4 weeks ago. I generally find that the deer like coming out when it’s this high as it offers some cover. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a deer out in the middle of the field a nice buck which I have never seen before,( I never know how they get there after id been glassing the field for 30 mins but anyway). At around 250 yards it was making its way to a long thin wood. I tried to stalk back as fast as I could before it jumped back in but it was just walking to fast. I made a plan to back off and stalk back to the wood. after sitting with my dog watching the edge of the wood for an hour i headed back to my trunk, I made my way across the field a out to my right I could see 2 roe out in the fields where I have never seen them before (mainly due to the farm and the main road noise) I got set on the sticks at around 180 yards, the buck was following the doe back to the wood below me and slightly down wind but I had no choice but to stay put. After 20 min the farm started to move and they made their way back. At 140 yard I put a shoot into the chest. It ran 40 yard a popped into the wood. I could see the buck fall and after waiting 10 mins I sent to the dog to find him. Beautiful morning stalk and a great end to an unexpected week.:D iphone new 004.jpg


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