Nice little rifle for the kids to plink with!


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Well patience seems to have paid off as I was lucky to fetch this little gem for my kids to plink with on Monday and I'll also be using it for close range stuff rather than my FAC air!!

AA S200 Mk1 target .177 with air stripper, carbon shrouded barrel, adjustable stock and butt plate, adjustable match trigger, mounts and gunslip and a recent full service at a gunsmith for a respectable £200!! I had a nice little AGS variable scope knocking around so have wacked that on, although I'll need some lower mounts to get it closer to the barrel and make it easier for the boys to look through.

Not had chance to try it yet but if it's anything like the last one I had it should be pretty accurate!

The bling even matches my onesie!! :gheyfight: