Nice morning to be out

So, up at 4 to try and get out after a stag that wants taking and having spent 30 odd hours after it since the 1st I figure a morning might be the right choice. Pouring down, back to bed. 5am and it's still raining but sod it, brew on, smoke rolled and rifle out after having a wash and not waking the Mrs and im off. Got to my destination a massive 10 minutes away and the light is just coming around, the wind is blowing head on so I decided to stalk up the side of a hill with a lot of cover on it and see what happens. With in 60 yards I make a rabbit jump literally a foot in the air with a hilarious face as I was literally a few yards from it. It bolted and I smiled to myself, what a start to the morning. Continuously glassing the hill on the opposite side where I know they have been all I can spot is cattle and sheep with the occasional pigeon waking up and flying to feed. I move another few hundred yards down the side of said hill eagerly awaiting movement or an antler moving, wind still head on. I sit down and watch to see if anything else is moving. After 15 minutes or so I decide to carry on mooching still watching the hill on the opposite side. Still, nothing moving. I walk past my usual sitting spot that gives me.a good view all around to a couple of fields to the left of me and spy a bit of red, binos back up and I can see it's not the usual fern or bush and it moves! Get in. I make my way around a tree that's in my way being as quiet as can be and get the animal in full view, 60 or so yards to the left of me down on a field whilst I'm still up the side of the hill. Watching it closely I quickly establish this isn't the animal I'm after, with the rifle up on the sticks and the animal in the perfect broadside position I decide to leave him be. 're composed myself due to getting rather excited and decided to sit and watch him whilst having a smoke. One of last year's prickets he is, I saw him only.a few months ago still with the hind (distinctive mark on his neck) beautiful animal, bloody huge for his age with 4 knobbles on his head and I watch and leave him in peace to enjoy his morning browsing seeing as the grass is once again green. No shot but a pleasure to watch him, he will be a big lad soon!


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You make me want to start smoking again. Used to love sitting on a hillside with the binoculars and rifle having a rollie :)

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Great write up , I like the ending


Thanks, not all about shooting it's nice to be out and to be able to do it some 10 minutes from my house. Don't get me wrong come the hind season I won't be quite as forgiving with them as it's them that cause me a problem!