Night Pearl ALOR 25


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At the shooting show on the weekend I had the chance to have a look through this thermal monocular I’d not heard of before. The picture quality seemed excellent for the money in the limited environment I had to view. Just wondered if anyone had any real life experience of them. At £700 I’m not sure anyone else has this sort of spec at this money.
Just consider, if it breaks, where do you have to return it to get it fixed?
And for £700, it will do a job, ok for rats, not very good for far away deer. What do you actually want to use it for?
Everything from spotting rats to deer. Available in the UK now. 25mm lens, 17 micron.

Seems like the cheapest with similar spec is the pulsar axion 2 XQ35 at £1600.

I’ve never wanted to get in to NV and thermal but my mind changed a bit this year