Night Vision & Thermal Demo Night and Sale, Oxford

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Night Vision and Thermal Demo Night and Sale
Wednesday 2nd October, 7.30-9.30pm
Wheatley Rugby Club, Oxford, OX33 1QL

Join Drew's Lab and Thomas Jacks in the dark to try out a range of night vision and thermal imaging products from the leading manufacturers. See the latest products, including the Pulsar F455, Thermion, and Digisight N455, Axion Range and the brand new Yukon Sightline N470. We'll also have favourites like the Yukon Photon RT and Helion Thermal Spotters, and the full PBiR range of torches.

Come along to receive advice on the right products for your needs, get hands-on with the products, have your questions answered, and benefit from some great on-the-
night bargains.

Our Demo nights are always popular and enjoyed by those who attend as they get the chance to compare a range of products side by side. We hope to see you there - all welcome.

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Drew's Lab

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Apologies for the late replies.
We will have Yukon and Pulsar thermal and night vision products on display. We won't have PARD units as the demo night is in conjunction with Thomas Jacks who do not distribute PARD. Yes we will have stock available to buy on the night. There will be refreshments available but can't confirm sausage rolls!


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Because someone asked and it was a tongue in cheek remark.. as its a TJs night there obviously there won't be anything from Clive !
Are people allowed to bring their own units along to make a direct comparison between the pulsar thermals and their current ones. I wouldnt mind putting my current scope side by side with a thermion?


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I don't think they can stop you doing that -although, knowing Thomas Jacks, they might take the huff and pick up all their toys and walk out :lol: :lol: