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Wanted: Night vision- x sight or near eye add on


Well-Known Member

I need a night vision scope suitable for centreline ranges, ideally and xsight. I will consider near eye add ons but it would be on a vortex viper pst and has an illumination knob on the ocular end.

What have you got? Cash waiting



Well-Known Member
Avoid the Xsight. If you want digital night vision. Get a Drone, Ward800 or Photon dependant on requirements and money.

yup, what the man said above, AVOID THE X ****e, it's a pile of poo, they should remove all the gumpf and just get it to work correctly or forget it and start again,



Well-Known Member
I thought they had sorted out the x site 2? It's more so that I use my 223 a lot in the day time a near eye would be better but it's difficult with the wart of a illumination control on the scope


Well-Known Member
Vortex scopes are not the best with night vision. Your best bet would be get a suitable scope Sidewinder or Sightron Stac, etc then get a Ward 800. Best of both worlds for you then. Adds basically nothing to the rear of the scope as your eye will be in the same place relief wise more or less with or without the add on due to its design. Slide on & tighten, turn on, your good to go right upto 24x mag with the right torch/laser.

Avoid anything nitesite, you can get just as good for a 1/4 of the price, but regardless a near eye add on is better in every way, no poxy wires, screens, cables and guff. Avoid the Xsite, rubbish as night vision and limited optical mag..

If you need digi NV, get any of the three I mentioned, you will not go wrong for the money.


Well-Known Member
I won't have any of the nite site stuff as I don't like the shooting position or shooting through a TV screen. The ward d800 will probably the best option as I can use it on my 22 (hawke vantage) and 260 (nightforce) if needed. What sort of price am I looking at?


Well-Known Member
If you can get a response out ward you will be doing well!! I tried several times phoning and emailing him when I was after one and he never replied. Went with the starlight arrow in the end and I very happy with it.