Sold: Nightforce NXS 5.5-22X56


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After recently selling my 25-06 on here, I’m now selling one of my nightforce scopes as I can’t have it sat around doing nothing!

As the title states it’s a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 with the illuminated NP2-DD reticle.

The scope does have some scuffs on the tube which I’ve tried to photograph, but the glass is in good order and works very well.

I’d like to get £800 posted, but am open to offers.

Thanks for looking 👍


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Nice scope mate good luck with the sale squirrel and 2 magpies all head shot so far this morning with the AR ...😄


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Thanks for the thought but I’ve only recently got myself an axion XM30! You could always buy this and then recoup the money from your sale though…! 👍
I’ve just bought a accolade pro so the wife’s got other ideas with my money from the helion sale,🙄 I think she’s being unreasonable


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You’d just have to try and explain that whether you buy this, then sell the thermal for cash, or whether you p/x the thermal for a nightforce and less cash, it both ends up at the same point- no thermal, 1 nightforce and some extra cash! 😂 Although, I know explaining that is easier said than done… 😳