Nightforce SHV vs Bushnell LRSH


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Evening all,

I'm looking for a ffp scope for a T3X .300WSM I have on order.

The scope will be used for deer and steel <400yds.

Does anyone have first hand experience with either the Nightforce SHV 4-14x50 f1 or the Bushnell LRSH 4.5-18x44?

They are both similar money and I'm unsure which to look at.

I would really appreciate the feedback.




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Morning fella I have the shv on my 308 it's a cracking scope Both in normal day shooting and under the lamp bust and dawn is second to none as you can guess im a big fan lol to be honest with you I use a bushnells on my 223 with my archer and that's the only reason I haven't put another shv on that as well. If you where closer I would say come and have a look through both
Hope this helps a little best of luck Adrian