nikko sterling diamond 1.5 - 6 x 44 30mm riflescope.

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Offroad Gary

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anyone got one or used one?

been offered one for a good price, unused, thinking of getting it as a spare and possibly playing around at some moving targets with it.


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got the 2.5-12x56 ir on my new piggy gun ( a .308) 'tis great in low light and for the money it cant be beaten the slopping front can be funny to puut butler creeks on tho

Offroad Gary

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zero'd the 1.5 - 6 x 44 on the .308 this weekend.

initial thoughts are that it is a nice little scope, good quality optics, great field of view, although light gathering is not quite as good as my 8*56's.

on 1.5 - 3 mag you can see the moderator through the scope, but on 4 - 6 its fine. might have to go unmoderated if i want to use it that low :confused:

on 6 x mag at 100m it was shooting as precise, if not better than my 8*56 :D

not too sure about the friction adjustment, rather than positive clicks, but it seemed ok. a zero check session and a few outings will confirm.

Offroad Gary

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second outing with the scope - just needed a final tweak to zero, about 1/4 " too high for me.

shot a 3/4 MOA group at 100m off the bonnet of the landy.

watched some deer throught it at 16.45hrs , 150M away, could have shot them if i wanted too.

more than happy with it so far.

Offroad Gary

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third outing with the scope, 15.54 hrs yesterday, 130m off bipod, 125 gn b tip, 6 x mag

it was p!ssing down, no sign of fogging, but the cammo tape came off!



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308 125GN


i am using nosler 125Bt in my 308 as well, what recipe are you using, (if you dont mind me asking)

PM will be fine
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