Sold: Nikko Sterling Multi Retical scope

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Nikko Sterling 1.5-6x 24 multi retical scope .

Lenses in mint condition, has 6 differant reticals, I had this on my rimfire at the rifle club and altered the reticals as I was shooting groups and the point of aim does not alter.

The scope has 11 differant illuminations, there are a few tiny marks on the tube but it is in very very good condition.

Comes in original box I think it would make a good driven scope, but I have not tried it.

£75 inc postage.

Price reduction £55 inc postage 20180716_191439[1].jpg 20180716_191537[1].jpg

Sorry about the quality of the ilumination picture i dont have 3 hands

The illumination goes from 1 to 11 and the picture is at 11.
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