No I Haven't Lost it.


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No I haven't lost it well not completely, last night I was reading through some of the posts I had made in the last few weeks a lot of the
spelling did not make sense.
I now realise why I had a cataract operation a month ago my second and it has still not healed properly had the same with the first one
Probably due to fact I'm diabetic.though I never had this problem before the letters on the keyboard are not where I think they are if that makes sense I am having to hit the key to the left of the one I want I'm not of course it is an allusion for example if I want to print an SI need
To press A its worse with my phone where the keys are close together.
I can avoid it and do it properly if I concentrate but I have been banging out sentences without looking and the results have been odd to say
the least.
Never mind I am getting slowly better and have a check up in a week or so I will mention it then.
So I havent lost it yet well that's my excuse.

Farmer Geddon

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Wishing you a speedy recovery B, typing errors are nothing to worry about, aiming a rifle is!!! My dad had a cataract op at 75, he could read a newspaper without specs for the first time in 30 years,
All the best.


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Good luck Boggy, I had mine done at 75. After a year sight went blurred but apparently this is fairly normal. Five minutes of laser to punch holes in the film that can form and I could read the computer screen the other side of the room.
Long vision still pretty good 2x specs to read.


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bogtrotter mate dont worry about spelling mistakes, we all know what you mean,im the same all the young people nowdays cant spell eiver, cuz coz init unowhatts i meen.? crack on get well soon, as long as you can see the cross hairs through your scope happy days bs


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Well my phone will type what I say if I use the right buttons might be an idea for you
I tried that.....

‘Dear sir,
oh what the feckin heck’s it done now. How do I shut this off? There that’s it. Now where was I.
I am writing to you....
Oh it’s feckin done it again, bluddy thing. No I don’t want to update my iOS. **** off. How do I, ah that’s it. thankyou for the....
Christ on a bike! It’s done it again. Where’s the writing paper? Where’d I put my glasses?....

(you get the idea)


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Take care of yourself Boggy. Don't worry about any spelling mistakes on here, or anywhere else for that matter. Your health is far more important than someone picking you up on spelling.

I am not the best person for grammer, or spelling so people will have to live with it, or go find something more constructive to do with their lives :rolleyes:


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Oh make no mistake I can still shoot a rifle ok , a shotgun is another matter entirely, ok I will say it first J.
I'm right handed and have always been right eyed until now , if I look at something with just my right eye I can't see it clearly unless through either a scope or a pair of binos then I can see it ok but I can only look at it for 30 seconds or so
by then I'm in agony if I try look at something with my left eye or worse still with both eyes open that's where the problem
begins at keyboard distance I'm about a key out when I press the key I think I'm pressing I'm not I'm actually pressing the
key next to it .
If I point at an object with arm out stretched and both eyes open at ten yards as I would if shooting a shotgun while it appears to me that I'm pointing straight at it I'm actually pointing a little over two feet from it, if I'm two feet out at ten
yards how far am I going to be at forty.

Now I will give you a laugh J. I'm supposed to be instructing at clays on Saturday I will
need to dig out my advanced book of bullsh@t and study before then.