No not Vikie

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But a brit living in Norway. Have only really been serious about hunting the last couple
of years, but have been shooting since I was in the cadets :eek: .
Our(my wife shoots as well) collection includes 2 Lee Enfields No4MkII .303, 1 Bushmaster .223 semiauto, 1x HK USP 9mm, 1x CZ70 7.65 and a Benelli Nova 12/89 shotgun.

As you can gather we don't just use hunting type firearms.


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Hello Viking and welcome to the site. Looking forward to hear your, and the wife's, hunting experiences.



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She doesn't hunt, but does shoot.
As for expiriences, me and a friend are off tommorrow and Sunday to try and get some geese.


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Fixed the fault, needs putting back together now. :D

And just incase anyone is wondering, I have met bobt before and 'know'
him from another forum. He introduced me to this one. :D
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