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Unbelievable waste of air, money resources wtf are they doing putting up with them nutters. How does that give that campaign any credibility? I drove past Westminster this morning and had to go on a 25 minute diversion at 7.15 am. I saw more old bill standing around than when there’s a terrorist attack. I repeat a disgusting waste of resources. I would love to see them tree huggers do this in Russia.


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I laughed originally but then realised thats what governments are up against...
I just typed a long and complex reply, but thought for a few minutes and decided SD isn't ready or deserves this, I deleted it, I will just state. "you ain't seen nothin' yet".

alberta boy

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I'll date myself here . When I see people like this guy , I'm reminded of a line from the documentary about the Woodstock music festival . One of the organizers made an announcement warning everyone that the " Brown Acid wasn't particularly good " . I think that's what happened to buddy in the video , he got some bad acid ........ man .
I do make a point of listening to others opinions , even people like the above master of interpretive dance . What I find most disappointing is the lack of original thought . Most just spout the same dogma that I remember from the Hippie movement of the 60's . One young guy was recently telling me how , after the revolution , that they'd be " giving away the land man " , for a minute , I thought that I may have done some bad Blotter and it was still 1971 ............ unfortunately , I hadn't . Turns out it IS 2019 , I am an old fart and he's a gullible fool . I did inform him that the 60's were over and he should perhaps get his own era , but I don't think he knew what I was talking about .
Just a random thought . If we're reliving the Hippie movement , does that mean the Punk movement is far behind ? I'm in , but I'm bald now and can't pull off a Mohawk anymore . If I went in a mosh pit , I'd probably break a hip . It's funny how we always end up going over the same old ground . Old guy ramble over , I'm going to go and listen to the Clash now .



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Well, I for one have absolutely no objection to a portion of my taxes going towards keeping him in weed, and allowing him the luxury of having time to attend such worthwhile events. Also, be honest, what else do our Police have to do in our major cities.