Nomad Fife Shooting Coat, Stealth Tweed - any reviews?


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I looked at one of these at the CLA (Nomad UK : Specialist Sporting Garments) where Nomad had examples in a couple of shades of tweed stealth fabric. Or it might have been the Game Shooter coat (Nomad UK : Specialist Sporting Garments)

Interested in any reports of how they perform when used in anger. I've a pair of their stealth fleece plus 4's which have served me well, but would like to read some reports of the jacket before taking the plunge.



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i both use and stock .the nomad range.

personally i think that a clothing item that can survive a week long use in the scottish hills in a wet and snowy december.and still keep me dry while lying in a bog/stream gets my vote every time.

if youd like a quote on anything drop me a pm .


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A good friend has had this type of smock for seven years now & it's still going strong. Certainly tough enough and warm enough for hard winters on the hill. Has my vote when I need a new stalking jacket. ATB