Norma .222R 62grn SP


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I came across the above in France - wondering if anyone has used them/uses them and how they were found to perfom, particularly in Tikka rifles?


The tramp

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I had a box that were pretty good in my 595, killed everything they hit

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Edinburgh Rifles

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unless the barrel is 1:12" or less you will find they struggle

I use 60gr Hornday SP in a 1:14" barrel and they group just under an inch in a very narrow sweet spot around 3000fps (20.8gr N133)

above or below and they oepn up to 4-6" groups
The 62gr SP from Norma is also a flat base spitzer profile and won't be significantly longer than the hornady but you lose the ability to find the sweet spot with factory loads.
only your rifle can tell you if they work

terminal effect off 60gr in deer is excellent
more energy than a corresponding 50-55gr despite lower MV


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Good afternoon Sirs

#2 - good to read as I have a 595 that I will try them through.

#3 - cant rem what twist-rate my 595 is so will pull out spec-papers.

#4 - hope better than you found.



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I believe that 222 Tikka 595 will be a 1-14".
Best bet is to try them, every barrel is different. My old Sako 75 222 1-14" barrel shot everything from 40 - 63 grs sub inch. Very unfussy to load for.