Norma MRP Powder


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Likewise in the US. I haven't seen a can of Norma on the shelves in many a year.~Muir


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I'm fairly sure that Norma powders haven't been available in the U.K. for a very long time now. Have you thought perhaps of using Vhitavouri powders instead. What cartridge are you reloading?


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Norma MRP isn't available any more. The nearest equivalent in burn rate which I've tried out is IMR 7828, followed by Vihtavuouri N165, then Hodgdon 4831 (H4831). These are readily available.

The above would fit between Alliant (Hercules) Reloder 22 and Reloder 25 according to the charts, but I can't say that for sure as I haven't tested them. That's mainly because they're double-based rather than single-based powders, and unnecessarily expensive compared to the others.


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Thanks for the help.

.243, 1:10, 20" barrel, for 100g Norma soft point, or similar. I know 100g/1:10 is on the limit, but Norma 100g, 44g RL22, is almost there, but I'm consistently getting a flyer. Two shots pretty much touching, and one shot off to the left. Did the same with myself and a friend shooting, and the same when I re-zero'd @ 200yds.

I just thought I'd try another power, with the MRP coming very high on Quickload. I've been given some 4831 to try, but it gets expensive having to buy several types, unless I can use them for another application.



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Loads over here, but that wont do you any good :(. All we can get over here is Norma, Vihtavuori and Rhino, unfortunately none of the US powders, although as already mentioned Alliants reloder series is made by Bofors. As far as I know Re 22 is pretty close to MRP.
ATB from Norway, Toby