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Im new to the forum, been shooting for a fair spell and run a farm/mates day shoot with a couple of friends, shooting foxes and all the other palaver that is involved.

We have been managing the deer (Roe, Fallow and some Munties) on the estate for the last 18 months and i have recently got my own FAC (with a .22-250 for the time being and a couple of months supervision). But have then had to move up to North Wales for work and was wondering if there are many stalkers (or shooters generally) up here.

Id be keen to hear from anyone who wants a hand on a shoot (feeding, beating etc) / lamp man or if i could accompany for some stalking experience and lend a hand carrying carcasses that would be ideal as i just want to get out and about.

I also will have a cocker spaniel ready to work from the start of next shooting season or dogging in.




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Always looking for beaters with good dogs on our shoot. Towards henllan if you're interested.
Pm me for details.
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