Northern Ireland Firearms dept, big thumbs up.


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In just over a week i am off to wicklow in southern ireland stalking sika stags with 2 good friends for a week,taking my own firearms and ammo over with me.
I had planned on driving down to holyhead and taking the ferry over to Dublin, no problem there then.
A last minute change of plan means I need to go to Belfast first so checked and found I need a letter of invitation from the chief of police before I can travel through NI with my firearms!
The firearms dept state that they need a minimum of 4 weeks notice to process the application for same.
Today Gentleman jim off this site phoned them and poured on the charm then called me at noon with a name to contact, and list of things I needed to fax over to the firearms team over there, one very long fax call then 2 short telephone conversations later and at 2.30pm the letter i needed was in the post on its way over to me:eek::eek::D.
Well impressed I wish our firearms depts were as helpful and efficient.
Many thanks for sorting it colin, AKA gentleman jim.