Nosler accubonds


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Yep its 270 time again!!!!!

As I currently load 110 bullets into my 'mans gun' im thinking of giving the Nosler Accubonds a try in either 100 or 110 grain guise and was wondering A. how many of you chaps have or are using them (regardless of calibre) and B. the ease of getting them at gunshops and price.

Im not looking for argument (seems to be most threads on here jut lately) just looking for any info I can get before I part with any hard earned.

Cheers chaps



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I was using the 130's in my .270 before I sold it. I was very impressed with their accuracy and performance on game.

I now use the 165's in my .300wsm and I'm still impressed. I will also be using the 110's in my .257 weatherby magnum and the 260grainers in my .375H&H................. you could say I'm a fan.


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Hi Steve, I use the 140gr in 7mm-08 and 165gr in .308 and .30-06. They are a premium bullet and price reflects this but I am well pleased with the accuracy and on game performance.


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I use them in my 6.5x55, 30.06 and in due course I will do so in my 300WM. I have found them to be very accurate and consistent but as others have said, they are not cheap. Never had a problem in getting hold of them either.




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I really like the Accubonds in 90gr .243, I have been getting them from cliffs in the USA but I don't know when I can get more. Atb Tim


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Fantastic bullet in my opinion. Consistant, accurate and flat flying. Used 165gr in my .300 Win Mag in Africa. All one shot kills on Kudu, Bushbuck, Blesbok, Impala, Mountain Reedbuck, Springbok and Warthog.

Bushbuck taken at 306 yards with Nosler Accubonds........

Africa 061.jpg


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I use the 110gn AB in my .25-06. Good bullet & works for me. :thumb:
Hard to get hold of at sensible prices in the UK. ATB


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so far performance wise are good reports, but clearly not cheap! I haven't priced any up yet so what are we talking guys????


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Depends whether you can collect from an importer or have to have them mailed to a, local to you RFD, but £32 - £36 per box of 50.
Edgar Bros are unreliable in their continuity of importing some calibres - particularly .257
Reloading Solutions have them in most cals I think, but unless you can go to Oxford & collect them, additional charges apply to have them sent to your RFD...who may well want a handling charge as well.

Personally, I think the system for acquiring expanding bullets consumables in the UK is nuts, - but that's another story. ATB
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Steve I have used them in my .300 for about a year, found them deadly on everything and very accurate. but when pushed at over 3000fps they can bit destructive on smaller deer

Tikka 260

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I have used them in my 7-08 ; 140's on Fallow and Roe; Muntjac.... and in the 275 for the same quarry, and 160's in the 275 for Fallow and Sika.

Very accurate, consistent results, very effective on those animals at moderate velocity. They are becoming my standard bullet as I use up the assortment of BTs and PTs on my shelf.

OK, they are relatively expensive, but considered against the overall costs of stalking, shooting, rifles, kit, vehicle, the Accubonds represent good value for money in my opinion. BUT..... thats me.