Nosler Partition versus Hornady Interlock

venator cervus

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Any help gratefully received as to whether 140 gr Nosler or Hornady would obtain the best results on Red Stags? I have both loaded and I wondered what people's experiences were on the hill - clearly rapid expansion is the key, however, both I am sure perform quite differently.


see it shoot it

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both good bullets and both will do all you need,its only comes down to which one shoots best in your rifle,only way to see it try them on paper


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This is a 139 BTSP in 7mm recovered from a Whitetail Buck:-



This one in fact:-


I also have a nicely mushroomed 150 Grn Spire Point in 303 recovered from a Fallow but no photos of that one.


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I use both and are really happy with partitions in the 300 win and the interlocks i have for the 270 both expand really well in everything i have used them on


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Assuming it shoots well in your rifle and youve worked up a good load,
Nosler partition all the way.
​ I use them for boar in 30-06 180 gr. Lever action browning. Also devastating in 7mm rem mag 160 gr.
drops all plains game on the spot upto kudu easy inside 300 yds.
if your paying for hunting a few quid more for the tried and tested partition is well worth it.