Not a bad weekend


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A few weeks ago I posted a thread
Well I had booked a few days on our syndicate ground last weekend in March and Monday 1st for the bucks. Having not taken the 308 from the cabinet since April 2018 start of the buck season was going to be a decider on giving up or not.
Here’s how it went:
Got up there late afternoon, I was travelling lite, going to sleep in the pickup so not really got a camp to set up. parked up and decided to go for a walk to check out the ground, I know it very well but it’s been 12 months. There are a few areas the deer are usually out in the afternoon so off I went. Now I don’t particularly like shooting does at this time of year unless they are obvious yearlings. My goal was a buck on Monday. Well you may have remembered I had my albatross strung around my neck, 5 year old Weimaraner that is too keen and excitable but she was there as the wife can’t cope with her.
15 minutes in and the dog gets ahead giddy and bumps a doe. I just see the white backside disappearing into the wood. A few F & C words and on we went. 2 more bumped then another. Bloody mutt.
Back to the pickup for something to eat & drink. As the light started to drop I had a spot in mind to sit up. I left the dog in the truck, oh how she sang and howelled. Went back for her and we sat up waiting looking over a clearing. Now the dog came into her own she could smell something on the wind and I was ready. Before anything appeared she was bouncing, slipped her collar and was off chasing scent.
Saturday morning out at first light to head over to where the sun comes up. Now there is a field here where the deer make their way back to the wood as the sun rises. I don’t have permission here but waiting in the right spot as they come over the wall has paid off many times. Spot on, right time, right place what looked like a young buck and doe slowly making back towards the low point in the wall. Dog sat down behind wall, wind spot on just need to wait. About 30 minutes the doe crosses the wall, bang goes the 308, dog jumps up, buck turns and runs across the field about hundred yards towards a small coppice. Much to my horror the doe turned back over the wall and ran with the buck into the coppice. 5h1t. I see the buck exit the far side of the coppice but the doe doesn’t. I waited 10 minutes and went to examine the shot site. Found some white pins, found where the bullet entered the ground nothing else. No blood no bone, had I shot low and under the doe? Rifle zeroed at 100 yds, distance approx 150 yds, I hadn’t shot it in ages. I then went to check zero. 3 x balloons blown up to approx 4” diameter 100, 150 & 200 yds, 3 shots off sticks 3 burst balloons. I drove around to the farm and explained what had happened gaining permission to search for the deer. The dog on line & harness and off we went, she is good in training, but here not interested. Then nose down and off we go dog doing well going strong, then up goes a pheasant - I hate this dog.
3 hours searching, no deer. Gutted to say the least.
Saturday went on & I saw a few more deer including a doe with a fawn and a couple of bucks but nothing shot.
Sunday morning again couldn’t get onto anything despite following a doe & doe follower for about 40 minutes trying to get a shot on the follower, guess what, the dog messed up right at the crucial moment.
Sunday afternoon I was going to do some washing up in the stream. Rifle with me but unloaded, dog running round enjoying herself. Then on the way back to the pickup the dog charged into the woods, moments later a deer runs towards me and hides at the base of a tree 30 yds from me. Something didn’t seem right. I put down my washing up & chambered a round, but where was the dog? Before I could be sure of a safe shot the dog was there, the deer jumped up and ran but the dog was on it, brought it down by it’s back leg, then hold of it’s neck. The dog took one hell of a kicking before I could get there but she held on. Deer despatched and then everything clicked. This was the doe from yesterday, a graze under her chest and a smashed front right leg, poor bugger, my shot was low and under as I suspected but I hadn’t realised the injury I had caused and she had suffered over 24 hours but at least she was now dead.
Out Monday morning for my buck and as o lay in wait, a very nice spot a doe appeared shortly followed by a fantastic 6 pointer clear of velvet but 250 yds away. I knew where they were heading and I had my clearing marked 200 yds from my elevated prone position, just needed to wait. Then the dog starts, she can smell them and starts to get excitable. The doe senses something and bounds off into the wood. The buck starts looking around, just head and shoulders sticking out from cover. It’s now or never, a little squeeze, a bang and the buck dropped on the spot with a perfect neck shot. It’s the best buck I’ve ever shot and it felt good.
Hopefully I’m back but next time the dog stays at home and my daughter will accompany me (the wife can cope with one or the other).


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Well Wingy it could have been a lot worse. Turned out reasonably well in the end. Should have got a BMH :) mate.
I did consider a BMH but my last Weimaraner was awesome from pheasant, rough shooting, wildfowling and deer stalking & tracking. This mutt was the wife’s but she very soon decided it was too head strong for her. The dog started off well but just won’t slow down and gets too excited


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I don't think that I would enjoy stalking with a dog like that. I would always feel under pressure to get a shot off before the dog ruined the chance. It might be worth taking the dog and the gun out with the sole purpose of controlling the dog (without any intention of taking a shot). My cocker was a bit like that at the start but is fine now.


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Great write up and well done on finding the deer. I feel your pain about giddy dogs my cocker is the same.