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Well chaps /chapesses
Does anyone have any info on how to DRY CURE A HAUNCH of venison,
I pretty much would like to experiment. I understand the principle of for each lb/kg meat the same in salt required , weigh down leave for minimum 28 days , check and sniff !! Should there be additives and what are they!!
Basically I want a PARMA DEER hanging on a hook that I can slash a slice off as I walk past! :lol:
Oh and if this is a no go , I traded in a cull, for a Gloucester old spot, pig. which will see me about January!!! ;) if you are stuck with selling barter is real 8)
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Rangefinder said:
I been trying to trade a cull for a lamb carcass but I aint got any takers :( :(
For a couple of years I used to do a barter on roe doe for an "organic lamb" with a nice lady "farmer" local to me. She was most concerned that the does that I provided weren't pregnant at the time they were shot. I (of course) assured her that the does were always young maidens and was always delighted with the barter. The lady "farmer" turned out to be allergic to venison and fed the meat to her dogs. :eek: :eek: The lamb, however, was delicious. Cheers, Pete. :) :)
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