Not new but need advice!


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How does one add the clever little bit of script at the bottom of ones posts? Several, possibly many, on here have jolly little incantations and I quite fancy one.
Being old I have no idea how to do it and there does not appear to be an option on "Edit Profile".
Help. Please.


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Click on "Settings" at the top of the screen, then click on "Edit Signature" under the "My Profile" section in the box on the left-hand side.


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Hi. I've just had a look and you need to go to Forum Actions' under the Forum part of the site -it's in dark free strip at top of screen. Hope that makes sense. There are then options to edit signature, add an avatar picture etc.


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Welcome to the site, after you have sorted your signature maybe you could provide an introduction please. Nothing too in depth just a clue as to your type of shooting would be good,



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John, don't know if your comments refers to me. I assume so. It must have missed your attention that I am a supporter and have been a member for some years.
Just having a bad day?