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Hi All,

I am currently reviewing shooting agreements on around 10,000 acres of Red/Roe & Sika Stalking. Anyone wishing to note an interest in potential 12 month shooting agreements with us are invited to forward details to me at my email address : Glen@gamemanagementscotland.com

Very limited places are available,this is all unaccompanied stalking and costs are to be £2000 per annum on Lot 1 which is around 3000 acres of Red/Roe/Sika and £3000 per annum on Lot 2 circa 7000 acres of Red/Roe. (The Combined cull is over 200 Deer annually).

It may be possible on discussion with ourselves to negotiate access to all of the properties which are made up of 7 Different Forests which include unfenced open hill Red Deer areas.

These new and never previously available Gentlemen's agreements will be commencing in the next couple of months.

The Stalking Ground is all located 50-100 Miles NORTH of Inverness in Scotland. DSC2 required for some properties whilst DSC1 suitable for selected areas, insurance also required.

A very high level of professionalism and discretion is essential, these are predominantly Red Stag Forests and the cost reflects the quality, location & exclusivity on offer, there are no set days like some syndicate's, you will be able to stalk any time you like.

We have a live on-line database/booking system for all Stalking areas.

Extraction of Deer carcasses can be arranged so ATV's are not essential. Carcasses are retained by shooting agreement members.

There is no set cull on these properties so interested parties from across the UK who may only be able to stalk now and then will be no problem.

The Far North of Scotland can obviously be a very dangerous place and some of these sites are very remote in some cases 15 miles from Tarmac Roads and include sections of Peat land/Flow Country which are extremely hazardous to the uninitiated, not to mention 3ft of snow and Arctic conditions in winter, so please consider those factors and ask if unsure.

Benefits of entering agreements with us on these projects may include invites to stalk other areas, woodcock shooting and wild Brown Trout fishing.

I welcome enquiries from genuine parties only please stating background, experience level and anything else relevant.

Please do not post here as no discussion's or responses will be entered into on this thread/forum.



A Couple of Images from the ground in 2012.

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Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing