Novice in Kent


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Morning all

I am in my mid-40's, originally form scotland, moved to London in the mid-80's and have been in Kent for 2 years. I have been shootig .22 rimfire for a few months and have applied for my sgc (despite hitting about 5 in every 70 clays! - still - practice is the answer!) and would like to try various forms of hunting (I have betetr scores with the .22 than the 12g - honest!)

I have not shot full bore since I was about 14 in the Air training Corps where I was able to shoot an SLR - seem to remember I had a reasonable grouping then too.

So essentially I am pretty much a total novice so any ints and tips about learning would be welcome. particluarly about learning to shoot full bore as well as stalking and if it is worth doing a course at Bisley or better to spend a day at BASC or just ot go out and book some stalking time.

anyway - I have whittered on long enough!

Cheers for now