Now I have all this ammunition

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I finally found a good load for the 243, accurate and no low pressure signs. It was towards the top end of the load range on the new 2008 VV data, I would not have found it if I'd gone by their 2006 data.

Anyhoo - I am now stuck with 30+ rounds of ammunition well below this load. I dont want to just shoot it - what's the point? They don't group and are too light. It's just a waste.

What's the best way to dismantle them for re-use?

I know I can get a kinetic hammer but I'm sick of accumulating gear I only use once and then hardly ever, so does anyone have one they can post to me which I can use for an hour and post back. I'll pay P+P both ways.



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Put loaded round in press with no die installed, raise bullet above top of press, grip with elec. crimp pliers, lower arm and remove bullet. Easy and hardly even marks bullet. Kinetic hammers are crap in comparison.


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That's a good bit of lateral thinking, Rene's volunteered to come up with the goods so I'll get the chance to try both.

I'd be a bit worried it might stretch the case a bit, but the callipers would confirm if that was the case.

On the other hand I am not sure I'm looking forward to sticking a live 243 round into a hammer and braining away with it on the garage floor :-|

Still, nothing ventured, nothing exploded.


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Crumbs, it's only 30 rounds.
Do a bit off-hand shooting practice at a 100yd target. Great fun and one can learn a lot.
Or just shoot a couple rabbits. The more practice the better.


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I know! :)

But I'm using quite obscure heads which I'm finding hard to track down and are 20 quid per hundred, plus I want to keep my brass fired the same number of times.

Bit sad I know. Reloading brings out the obsessive in me.


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Oh dear! it looks as if you are heading down the path of no return into the land of smoke and mirrors :D



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I know! I finally have a good load and I can't stop!

Tweak this, start all over again!

Tweak that, start all over again!

Somebody find me something else to tweak, so I can start all over again, AGAIN -PLEASE!!

It's worth buying another rirfle so I can start all over again!!


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obscure bullets

this can be a bit of a problem. I try to use bullets that are available pretty widely
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