NRA Charity Commission Report


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Dear all,

It seems the NRA is in trouble.

3 documents make lamentable reading.

1) Charity Commission letter to the MP Adam Holloway after he requested the Charity Commission investigated the nationally published fiasco of a dispute between the NRA and Artist's Rifle Club regarding a lease renewal (Attached)

2) Detailled Charity Commission report on the NRA - lamentable reading on how the commercial and charitable aims of the NRA are not being kept separate and poor use of funds in £250k legal battles over rent increases in the thousands and questions the management and trustees experience and competency in running the organisation. (Attached)

3) An NRA journal from 2001with an account of how Bisley Shooting Ground Ltd ("BSG", who operate the sporting clay layouts) became seperated from the NRA and the NRA are now trying to throw out, seemingly after NRA bungled it as the majority shareholder in the sporting clays venture (~p.55

This all comes about after the NRA management and trustee's poor handling of the Artist's Rifle Clubs Dispute, the what appears to be a repeat with BSG and possibly refusing to let the BSRC renew its lease on the running deer and sporting rifle complex at Bisley.

My thanks to Callum Long-Collins for retrieving the Charity Commission reports

Best wishes,