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a coach full of nuns has an accident and unfortunately they all perish.
So there they all are queing up at the gates of heaven waiting for St Peter to let them in, when he arrives he turns to the first nun and asks if she has ever touched any male genetalia, she replies that she once touched a penis with the tip of her finger. St Peter tells her to dip her finger in a bowl of holy water beside her and then she may enter. He then turns to the next nun and asks the same question, she replies that she once held a penis with her right hand, St peter tells her to dip her hand in the holy water and then she may enter. At this point there is a commotion in the line of nuns as one is trying to push her way to the front, St peter restores order and then asks her what the problem is, She replies that if she's going to have to gargle with the water she wants to do it before sister Mary washes her arse in it.