OAL for 6.5 x 55


Can anyone shed light on the minimum OAL for a 6.5 x 55. I am struggling with a rifle I have had re-barred, when checking the seating depth of the A Max 140g bullets its around 2.700. I can only just get a group with OAL 2.855. I am concerned that the bullet is sitting too deep in the case? :confused:


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Hornady recommends 3.025". When in doubt, I try to make sure that the parallel sides of the bullet don't get below the neck/ shoulder junction.~Muir


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The modern trend for "seating depth" as opposed to the "old fashioned" overall length is starting to worry me a bit.

The old length measure of a bit over three inches is normal enough...

My 6.5x55 seems happy with about 20thou off the lands.