Swap: Odd Jobs/beating for Pest Control (Rabbits/Fox/Pigeon) Warks, Northants or Nth Oxon

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I'd be willing to beat (with a cracking terrier), do odd jobs (decorating/cleaning and such like), in return for pest control in the Warwickshire, Northants or North Oxfordshire area. I live in hope!! Cheers.


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We have had a few terriers on our shoot and they are not welcome back but i suppose someone will tell me they are better than any Lab, spaniel or in my case CBR?
Lol, yeh, they can be a bit feisty! This one is pretty steady, flushes birds other dogs have practically walked over. The Mrs won't let me have proper dog!


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hi mate,
did you get sorted for your request.
i keeper a local shoot, and always looking for beaters.
i could help you out with a bit of shooting, but you would have to be with me on all ocasions.
if intrested pm me with a contact number, im sure we can sort something out.
cheers mark.


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I think pest control job is not this much bad as you are saying, you earn good and it's not really a tough job you just need to have some skills. You can even try some new technique with this.
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