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I thought that I should give you all a catalog of recent events and perhaps give you an insight as to the title.

Last Monday.
I went out for a general tour round the shoot and at last light I spotted a good looking buck in the middle of some spring Barley. Too dark to shoot so came away with the idea of getting there a bit earlier the following night.
Had a bit of an emergency at work and had to stay late.
Hooray, I had the evening free but on arrival, found that the field had been harvested and there was a baler going round the field. I took a drive round and late on spotted a good buck on my lower ground. Once again it was too dark to shoot and I came on home.
We had friends of Mrs Techman to dinner.
We were at some friends of ours to dinner.
Mow the lawn, tidy the garden, go shopping, then visit son-in-law in the evening as it is his birthday.
Visit My mum as it is her 91st birthday, then in the evening, over to daughter and son-in-law's as pups are imminent, due to an accidental mating. They have no previous expreience of a litter so have to go an re-assure them.
Pups arrive and we are called over this evening, as one is not looking good and daughter does not know what to do. The dog ( that caused the trouble in the first place) is playing up and we are asked to look after him "For a few days". He an our two don't see eye to eye. When they do, there is usually a bit of a scrap.
Mrs. Techman's car is in for service and unfortunately no courtesy car is available. She has my car for work, but is interviewing late this afternoon so won't be home until late.
Things are looking hopeful for tomorrow evening but I am certain something will stand in the way.
I don't want sympathy as I am sure there are people out there who have problems. Only one buck has come my way this season and time is running out. The doe season is usually easier as the land owner phones to say when he sees deer out on the fields. This then takes priority. GOODEE!


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Hello techman, hard luck I know the feeling!!

I've been watching a small bunch of roe does on my patch for the last few weeks (a rare thing as it predominantly fallow country here) in the hope of spotting the elusive buck (s) that should be around somewhere. Went to a corner patch that I rarely visit to move some branches from the wheat so combine could get through. Would you believe it, 2 handsome bucks nibbling away happily!! No rifle just 2 dogs and a stick!!

Stick with it and good luck.

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