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I found some CCL red root oil and thought i should add some
to my new shotgun, bought just a year ago.

So I did, but one part of the gunstock i dry up much faster than
the rest of it. I tryed a couple of layers but it still dry out after 24hours.

While using Red Root Oil to oil my stock I wonder, how will it
look after 10 - 15 layers? Should i continue with red root oil until it dont dry up so fast?
By using red root oil, will the stock get darker and darker?

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What was the old adage? Oil it once an hour for a day, once a day for a week, once a week for a month and once a month for a year?

Are you mixing it with boiled linseed so that as you rub it in the linseed evaporates? Or is this "red root oil" already alkanet root mixed in with linseed?


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Don't go putting alkanrt root oil on your stock, it is for staining a new stock prior to oil treatment to give it colour. Either use walnut oil as per above adage, or mix something like truoil with 25% lighter fluid and give it very light coats. The lighter fluid helps open the pores to let the oils in, then evaporates and seals the wood.

Imho stay clear of linseed oil as it never dries properly and will always re-wet. Not even terebene can dry it. BLO should only be used diluted as a cutting agent whilst stock finishing
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CCL does a good job and comes with clear instructions. As said the red oil is for starting from scratch, you probably need the Conditionning Oil for a couple of coats, but let the stock dry a week after the red oil,