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Food for thought ,fancy a duplicitous lying politician selling his country down the river for filthy lucre ,:stir:it may have happened before and since as mr "Big Yin " says any person stating they want to be a politician should be banned from public office for life self serving trough snufflers


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The author has taken a thing in one context and quoted in to imply it has force in another context. So his view is incorrect.

But he's happy to do this in other writings too for that Vernon Coleman is also this Vernon Coleman:

Just For FunBritons also abuse animals for fun.

Hunters (whether they hunt with gun or on horseback) and hunt supporters are, without exception, wicked and barbaric people. When two men on a drunken hunting trip failed to find any deer they cold bloodedly murdered a deaf, black man instead. Typical and probably 'normal' behaviour for a hunter.

J. Howard Moore tells a sad story about two moose in his classic book The Universal Kinship. The two moose had been tracked by hunters all day long and towards the end of the day one of the moose was finally killed by a rifle shot. Instead of running away, the remaining moose lowered its head and sniffed at its dead companion. It then raised its head high and bellowed loudly. The ruthless hunters shot it. When the hunters reached the two moose they found that they one they had shot first had been blind and that the second moose, which had stayed with it even after death, had been acting as its pilot.

Waterfowl mate for life but human beings randomly shoot one and leave the other to mourn. The waterfowl which is left behind often falls into a deep depression.It may die slowly of starvation.

Hunters and their supporters are the sort of people who used to run the slavery trade just a few score years ago; they are not a sensitive group and they find it difficult to understand words such as 'empathy' and 'respect'.

Hunters are pretty stupid and most of them aren't very good shots either. French hunters shot 45 of their fellow hunters dead in one recent season. More than 100 hunters were seriously injured by other hunters.

And this Vernon Coleman too:

The Red Squirrels Trust Wales claims to promote the conservation of red squirrels on Anglesey. The organisation is funded by the Lottery and has been featured on the BBC’s Autumn Watch programme. One of the main boasts of the Trust is that ‘Red Squirrels Boost Tourism’. And, indeed, that’s probably the main difference between red and grey squirrels. Both damage trees but the red looks cuddly and ‘cuddly’ often seems important in conservation matters. The current promotion of the red squirrel is merely fashionable. In the past the red squirrel was regarded as a pest.

It is important to remember that as part of its plan to promote the red squirrel (and aid local businesses) the Red Squirrels Trust Wales is busy killing grey squirrels. The ‘wrong’ coloured squirrels are caught in traps and ‘allowed to venture out from the wire trap into sacking’. What happens then? ‘The squirrel is then moved into a corner of the sack and with the head positioned carefully within the corner, killed humanely by a single blow to the back of the head.’

That, it seems, is ‘conservation’ as practised on Anglesey. Real animal lovers should, in my view, keep well away from Red Squirrels Trust Wales. Don’t support them and don’t give them money.

As a member of a deer stalking and game shooting forum it's not a man whose company I'd want to keep or who's views I'd want to share, and by doing so legitimise...in any circumstances.
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Wow , I've read some BS over the years , but a seeing eye Moose ? That's some epic Horse Sh!t . I love how he implies racism regarding the color of squirrels , definitely a new angle on animal rights activism .



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A pseudo intellectual. Probably best just to send him a tinfoil hat and a lifetime subscription to the "The People's Friend".