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What do you all do with your old brass does anyone get a scrapman to take it?
Sell it to a scrap metal merchant. Just this morning I received an email from one of the committee of our rifle club to inform me that he had weighed in a couple of bags of mainly .22 cases and received a cheque for £136 in return. The same dealer is offering 95p a kilo for lead bullets that we have recently recovered from the sand in the bullet catcher but isn't interested in the remains of jacketed bullets.

I said mainly .22 cases because very few usable centrefire cases make it to the scrap bin at our club with so many avid reloaders about.

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collect and resell on here!not sure on prices tho so you would need to search through threads and get some idea,
I would but have a huge amount of brass which I am no longer happy to load/unsure of its history hence it's not for sale. I don't fancy the bad reputation.


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Who checks to make sure no live 22lr rounds get mixed in?
It's carefully checked before it leaves the range. This time only one live round was discovered but last time I found a handful which quite frankly really annoyed me and a severe warning was issued to the members of the club.