Old but feel young


Hi, all
new to this site, past rough shooter, thought I try going stalking, if I can. Problem is I need scooter sometimes, hence wheels, LOL. So looking at forest/high seat type stalking. Though I noticed some on here don't see this as stalking, any advice as to whether I am wasting my time or it a possibility let me no. All comments accepted, providing they are polite. Also getting old before my time.


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Hi wheels, your not the only one with those requirements, and I am sure someone here has more info on where & who can help.



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Welcome. Don't let what others think put you off. You'll find loads of helpful members on here.


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pleased you still feel young.
Ive seen some good mobile
4x4 scooters at nature reserves.
are you ok to climb into a high seat,
if not you can shoot from a ground hide if it is
safe to do so with a suitable backstop.
sitting waiting for deer is an excellent way of hunting
as an alternative to stalking, (or blundering about
until you bump into a deer:rolleyes::hind: as some of us do)


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Hi wheels and welcome, I remember reading somewhere about a person who used to shoot from a scooter very successfully, the dead deer next to him did not seem to know the difference. If it gets you out shooting thats never a bad thing.


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Welder to turn shopping basket on scooter into rifle rack. :D

More than one way to skin a cat? Get out there and enjoy yourself. Sod what other people think. This forum is full of great people and I am sure you will get your deer one day.